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Notes on the History of Hong Kong's Coastal Defence during the British Administration, with Special Reference to Lei Yue Mun
Author: Dr Solomon Matthew Bard, edited and produced by the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence
Published in March 2015
Soft cover, 156 pp, full colour printing
Price: HK$82.5
ISBN: 978-962-7039-79-2
The Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence (HKMCD) is formerly known as the Lei Yue Mun (LYM) Fort, which was the most formidable fortifications in the territory built more than a century ago. It was also an important battlefield during the Battle for Hong Kong in 1941. Today it has been revitalized as a Museum to preserve and present the 600-year history of Hong Kong's coastal defences.
In the early 1990s, Dr Bard visited various military establishments, museums and coastal fortifications in Britain, and conducted a comprehensive study of the old LYM Fort as part of the preparations for the planning of the HKMCD. This publication includes his original Notes on the information of the old LYM Fort and research papers on local coastal defences. It covers the period from 1841 to 1986 within which the subject is further sub-divided into events related to the garrison, the coastal defences, and LYM, which give the readers a deeper understanding of the history of local coastal defences during the British Administration.
The late Dr Solomon Matthew Bard served as a Museum Expert Adviser on the archaeology, local history and military panels of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
Modern Chinese Naval History: New Perspectives
Produced by the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence
Editors: Lee Kam-keung, Mak King-sang, So Wai-chor, Joseph S.P. Ting
Published in April 2004
Soft cover, 457 pp, black & white printing
Price: HK$40
ISBN: 978-962-7039-49-7

Over the centuries, China's enemies mainly came from the north. Against this background, the strategy of frontier fortification had all along been the key element in the national defence in ancient China. From the 19th century onward, fleets of warships despatched by the Western powers caused disturbances along the seaboard. The vitalisation of coastal defence and the resistance of foreign aggression became the focus of intense discussion among government officials and the community alike. This book has collected a total of 26 papers which discuss and examine various aspects of modern China's maritime defence, ranging from theories and historical figures of maritime defence, district defence, historical document of maritime defence, to naval construction, navy and diplomacy.
The Defence of Hong Kong:Collected Essays on the Hong Kong-Kowloon Brigade of the East River Column
Edited and produced by the Hong Kong Museum of History
Published in April 2004
Soft cover, 416 pp
Price: HK$52
ISBN: 978-962-7039-50-0
Led by the Chinese Communist Party, the anti-Japanese guerrillas launched guerrilla attacks against the Japanese all over the region of Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation period (1941-1945), and rescued Chinese intellectuals and international friends. They formed the Hong Kong-Kowloon Independent Brigade of the East River Column, dealt a great blow to Japanese rule in Hong Kong, and contributed much to China's resistance efforts against Japanese aggression. The Hong Kong Museum of History compiles a collection of papers which are contributions from Hong Kong and mainland scholars, as well as veteran fighters of the former Hong Kong-Kowloon Independent Brigade. This book illustrates the significant role played by the Brigade in the war of resistance against the Japanese.
Archery Traditions of Asia (Sold out)

Written by Mr. Stephen Selby
Published by the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence in Oct 2003
Soft cover.80pp.Full Colour printing
Price: HK$100
ISBN: 978-962–7039–47–0
This publication is complied to complement the thematic exhibition of the same title displayed at the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence from 2003 to 2009 and to let the readers have a better understanding of the development and features of the Asian traditional archery. Supplemented with colourful drawings and photographs, it introduces the historical development of bows and arrows, the differences between modern bows and traditional bows, the physics of the Chinese traditional bows, the making of traditional bows and arrows, famous Chinese archery inventions, Chinese archery technique and the living traditional archery in other Asian cultures.