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British .303 Bren Light Machine Gun

Accession No.: E97.1984
Length: 116.5 cm
British Comet Mark I Tank

The Comet was the last medium tank produced for the British Army during the Second World War; it appeared in combat in early 1945. The maximum armour thickness is 10cm. It had a crew of five and a combat loaded weight of 33,225 kg. The turret has vertical sides and mounts a 77mm gun. Auxiliary armament consists of two 7.92mm machine guns. A few Comet tanks were brought to Hong Kong during and after the Korean War (1950-53). Only one was retained by the British Army and was displayed in the Shek Kong Barracks until 1995 when it was transferred to the Museum.

Accession No.: E96.223
Length: 9 metres
Width: 3.1metres
Height: 2.6 metres 
Bow of the Qing Officer

This bow with 50 pounds of draw strength was produced in 1875 by Xueji, a famous bow-maker in northern China. This kind of bow was widely used by the Qing garrisons at coastal batteries in the 1860s.

Accession No.: LN030
Length: 100 cm
Guerilla Jacket

This jacket was worn by a member of the Hong Kong-Kowloon Independent Brigade, East River Column during the Japanese Occupation.

Accession No.: E98.1428
Length: 72 cm
Width: 172 cm (sleeves included)
Identity Card Issued by the Government of the Occupied Territory of Hong Kong

This identity card was issued in April 1945.

Accession No.: E88.79
Length: 14 cm
Width: 9 cm
Model of HEIC Warship Nemesis

The Nemesis was built in Liverpool between 1835 and 1840 for the British East India Company. The 660-ton warship was armed with two 32 pounder and four 6 pounder guns, and could carry a crew of 90. After her commissioning in March 1840, she took part in a number of actions in the First Opium War.

Accession No.: RP
Length: 95 cm
Width: 21 cm
Height: 42 cm

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