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Permanent Exhibition

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"The Story of Hong Kong Coastal Defence"

The permanent exhibition, housed in the Lyemun Redoubt on the hilltop, is made up of 11 thematic galleries converted from casemates to showcase the changes in Hong Kong's coastal defence and military affairs since the Tang Dynasty, as well as the history of Hong Kong's resistance against Japanese aggression. Diverse exhibits are displayed with textual and graphic illustrations, enriched by multi-media programmes. It is hoped that visitors will gain a deeper understanding of the history of coastal defence in Hong Kong.

Military Unequal Military Arrangements Port Facilities The Volunteers Multi-Ethnic Soldiers Narrative of the War of Resistance Join Hands to Resist Japanese Invasion Japanese Invasion of Hong Kong Anti-Japanese Guerrillas behind Enemy Lines The Chinese People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison

Lyemun Fort Gallery

Lyemun Fort Gallery

Thematic Exhibition

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Old Servicemen and Society

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Historical Trail in Lyemun Fort

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This headland, on the south coast of Lyemun Pass, was a strategic position, where Lyemun Fort stood, guarding the east gateway to Victoria Harbour. Today, it is the home of the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence. From the Brennan Torpedo Station, built in a cave on the shore, two metres above sea level to the hilltop at 64 metres above sea level where the Lyemun Redoubt is located, there are 24 checkpoints along the military-themed walking trail, providing a historical record of the events that took place in this fort.


Viewing platform Central Battery Field Gun Drawbridge and Main Gate Redoubt Redoubt Battery Viewing Platform Lyemun Pass South Caponier Ditch North Caponier Barrack Ruins Anti-Aircraft Gun Viewing Platform Devils Peak West Caponier West Battery Torpedo Installations Searchlights Pier Anchor Pass Battery Drawbridge and Story Slope Proof Yard Armaments Display Area  Joseph Hughes Memorial

Audio Guide

Audio guide for highlight exhibits is available on the museum website.

While you visit the exhibition galleries and historical trail, you may use "iM Guide" mobile application or click here to enter the Audio Guide webpage, for listening to introductions and related information of highlight exhibits and exploring the stories behind the objects. To minimize the disturbance to other visitors in the gallery, please enjoy the audio tour with your own earphones for a better experience. 


While you explore and appreciate the military relics and natural scenery, don't miss the MCDiscover mobile game.
Use the "iM Guide" mobile application when you visit the historical trail and scan the MCDiscover QR codes on the checkpoint  signs to receive one stamp per checkpoint. Collect the designated number of stamps to redeem souvenirs. For instructions and conditions, please refer to the introduction of MCDiscover in iM Guide.
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