"Riddles from the Coastal Defence" Virtual x Reality Puzzle Game (Chinese version only)


Integrating with AR interactive experience and physical props, the riddle game will lead you the way to discover the military relics and natural landscapes along the Lyemun Fort Historical Trail in MCD. Playing the roles of the virtual characters designed, and following the instructions given, you and your teammates will enjoy an unexpected adventure. 

Date: 20/1 (Sat), 18/2 (Sun), 9/3 (Sat) 
Time: 12 NN - 5 PM
Venue: Lyemun Fort Historical Trail
Fee: Free of charge

Quota: 10 groups per day (4 participants required per group.)
Online Reservation Detail: https://forms.gle/38t6FqGUcdtDm92k

- This game involves riddle solving, which is suitable for people aged 12 or above.
- Interested parties are required to form a group of 4 themselves for participation. There is no staff to lead the game.
- The game is designed for outdoor, interested parties should consider their own physical suitability for participation.
- All participants are required to use their mobile phones to take part in the game and mobile data is required. Participants should ensure their phones are fully charged and have sufficient mobile data to complete the game.

Please take note of our updates for the above programme arrangements.
Enquiries: 2569 1429