Experiencing Hard Life during the Japanese Occupation


During the Japanese occupation, the Japanese military ruled Hong Kong in a high-handed way, totally disregarding the lives of the Hong Kong People. The Japanese commandeered supplies and made the military notes the only legal tender. The locals led extremely difficult lives, facing a constant shortage of food and daily necessities. Museum staff will go to the schools to deliver the programme. Through role plays and interactive games, the student-participants will get a better understanding of the miserable life of the Hong Kong people during the time.


Venue : School Hall / Activity Room
Target : P.4 - S.3
Date : 16/10 │30/10│13/11 │ 27/11 │4/12 │11/12/2019 (Wed)
Time : One hour per session, time to be confirmed with the applicant.
Language : Cantonese

: 30 students for each session; each school can apply for a maximum
  of two sessions per day.

If interested, please contact us at 2569 1248 for reservation during office hours.