Notes on Group Visits


  • Lockers are available in the museum, but since the storage facilities are limited, please do not bring along bulky items to the Museum.
  • With its extensive land coverage and hilly terrain, visitors are advised to take into consideration of their health and physical condition when planning their route of visit in the Museum. We suggest that the following routes may be followed:

    Essence Tour  
    (1.5 hours)
    Reception Hall → Redoubt → Reception Hall → Military Vehicle and Gun Display Area → Gunpowder Factory. There are fewer steps and steep slopes along this route, which is deemed suitable for all visitors.
    Leisure Tour  
    (2.5 hours)
    Reception Hall → Redoubt → Historical Trail (Central Battery → Ruined Structure → West Battery → Gunpowder Factory → Military Vehicle and Gun Display Area). As there are quite many steps and steep slopes found along this route, it is recommended for visitors with strong physique.
    Adventure Tour  
    (3.5 hours)
    Reception Hall → Redoubt (South and North Caponiers included) → Historical Trail. There are quite a number of steps and steep slopes along this route, and it is thus recommended for visitors in good health.
  • Most original structures in the Museum are only moderately restored to conserve their features and historical value. Visitors are reminded of the uneven steps, not to climb over fences, and to take good care of group members.
  • Each guided tour could only admit 20 to 30 visitors due to limited space inside the galleries.
  • Use of flashlight, camera stand for photo taking, video recording and audio recording is strictly prohibited in the galleries.
  • The Museum staff reserve the right to stop any annoying behaviours and order the visitor(s) concerned to leave the Museum immediately. In case of emergency, please approach Museum staff for assistance.
  • If Thunderstorm Warning, Red Rainstorm Warning Signal or Tropical Cyclone Signal No.3 is issued, the Historical Trail will be closed temporarily and outdoor guided tour will also be cancelled or arranged to indoor tour.
  • The Museum will be closed when Tropical Cyclone Signal No.8 is issued or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued, and appointments for group visits will be cancelled. If the warning is issued during normal opening hours, outdoor area will be closed. Visitors touring outdoor should go to safe area or leave the Museum under the instruction of the Museum staff.