Feature Article on the Story of the Hong Kong Gurkhas

In planning our new permanent exhibition,  we are eagerly exploring how we can inject new elements to enrich its contents. Gurkhas are widely known as brave and fierce fighters, but how much do you know about their service in Hong Kong? Apart from narrating the history of Hong Kong's coastal defence and military affairs over the years,  our new permanent exhibition will also tell the story of the city's Gurkhas.

To this end, we have solicited the support and assistance of ex-Gurkhas. We have collected the uniforms and items they wore while serving Hong Kong, in addition to old photographs, historical documents and oral records – all important relics carrying valuable memories of their days in the army. 

Kukri (Nepalese knife) with sheath worn during military parades
Courtesy of Raj Kumar Gurung

Ex-Gurkha Tim I Gurung (right) meets with the colleagues at the Museum, 10 February 2017.

Gurkha officer's mess jacket
Courtesy of Raj Kumar Gurung