West Battery

West Battery
-4.7" quick firing gun emplacement in West Battery

The two 9 inch (23 cm) rifled muzzle loading guns mounted in this battery in March 1887 were the largest weapons ever to be mounted at Lei Yue Mun. The barrel displayed in the battery, which was found in the Admiralty Garden site in 1990, alone weighed 12 tons (12,200 kg). It would have fired a 256 pound (116 kg) projectile and had an effective range of 5,400 metres. Below the emplacement were the magazine, stores and gunner's shelter. The 4.7 inch (12 cm) QF guns mounted in front of the emplacement eventually replaced the 9 inch guns which were removed some time after 1898.

British 9 inch rifled muzzle-loading Mark I gun
-9 inch RML Gun and the Artillery Gyn

There is also a replicated artillery gyn in this battery used for installing extremely heavy guns. It was used with large timber blocks known as 'scotches' which were placed under the gun in stages as it was gradually raised by the gyn. When high enough, the carriage could be moved into or out of the space below the barrel. This procedure, known officially as 'repository exercises' and informally as 'scotch up', could only be carried out by a well trained and disciplined team of men.